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We build long-term wealth for the Company and its partners via originating and developing high-quality mineral exploration assets.
The Company attracts world-class people and uses quality geoscience in a professional and socially responsible way.
The Company makes selected investments into attractive, yet undervalued exploration companies operating in mining-friendly jurisdictions with quality teams.

NewQuest Capital is a technically driven investment 
company focused on the mineral exploration business.


Alistair Waddell
BSc (Hons.), MAusIMM

Geologist with over 27 years of experience.

President & CEO of Inflection Resources and Founder & Chairman of Headwater Gold.

Previously VP Greenfields Exploration for Kinross & CEO of GoldQuest Mining.

Wendell Zerb
BSc, P. Geol

Geologist with over 30 years of experience.
Chairman & CEO of Red Canyon Resources. Previously Mining Analyst for Canaccord & PI Financial. 
Former President & CEO of Exeter Resource Corp.
Caleb Stroup
BSc & MSc - Geology

Geologist with over 15 years of experience.

President & CEO of Headwater Gold.

Former Senior Geologist for Kinross Gold and previously with NovaGold and Tintina Resources.

Tero Kosonen
MSc - Economics

Co-Founder of a private equity/venture capital group.

Chairman for FinEx Metals & Director for Headwater Gold.


25 years of experience in management roles, entrepreneurial ventures & investments in natural resources.

Sandra Wong

Over 20 years of experience with public companies in the mining sector.

CFO of Headwater Gold & FinEx Metals, with extensive experience in accounting, corporate secretarial & administrative services.

Brennan Zerb

Strong sales & marketing background with experience from working with junior mining companies.


Currently IR Manager for Headwater Gold, Inflection Resources and Red Canyon Resources.

Dr. Greg Dering
PhD - Geology

Structural geologist with experience in gold and geothermal exploration 
in the western US and Alaska.

Previously with Barrick and Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology. 

Antti Vuori
MSc - Economics

Experience in working with Canadian-listed junior mining companies.

Currently Director of

FinEx Metals and marketing

manager for Inflection Resources & Headwater Gold.


Utilize our vast global network within the mineral exploration sector.

Generate and incubate agile exploration companies to be listed in the public markets, while providing oversight and guidance from incubation to a profitable exit.

Identify and acquire undervalued and/or unrecognized assets in mining-friendly jurisdictions.

​Build quality management teams for each company, including a solid back-office support system.

Strong focus and application of the very best geoscience practices.

Long-term view in investing, with or without active involvement, in undervalued public or private companies that have strong teams and represent significant opportunities.

Building long-term value for shareholders
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  • A strong in-house technical team combined with a global network of geoscientists gives the Company the ability to identify high-quality and undervalued assets.

  • The NewQuest team has a successful history of identifying, acquiring and developing mineral exploration projects globally.

  • Strong background with the major mining companies provides an understanding from the potential acquirers’ perspective.



  • Extensive global network of contacts in the capital markets provides access to capital throughout the investment cycle.

  • The Company principals co-invest their own funds.


  • The Company is agile and can move fast and efficiently to capture the best available opportunities.​​

  • Strong back-office support with extensive experience in managing private and public companies.

  • The Company is financially prudent and knows how to operate with a low G&A cost base.


  • Our fully integrated marketing process identifies new leads and converts them to investors & supporters.

  • The NewQuest marketing team creates innovative materials to investee companies.

Alistair Waddell


Caleb Stroup


1210 - 1130 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4A4 Canada

To submit new opportunities, contact: 

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